Kell and Cas Rescue Mission
Who is this guy?

Kell and Cas snuck out in the middle of the night to go on some kind of a secret mission.

Riddles in the Dark-Bright
The party returns to the sewers to work on the riddle

After an interrupted sleep due to Clydesdale’s hungry keening (and Cass getting a Clydesdale in the face due to Kell’s annoyance at said keening), the party awoke. I hacked together a few more cyphers, and I finally got to see the mysterious test room everyone’s been going on about! It’s weird. I still don’t understand this world.

The party came up with a bunch of things, and got the last few clues. Cass went out did some trading in town – we got some cyphers that might help solve the riddle.

Super Numenera Pet Rescue Squad
Wyla, Kell, & Cas helped a child retrieve her cat

The party was getting ready to settle down for the evening, at their camp beside a local family’s goat pen. A little girl ran from the family’s house, crying – apparently her cat fell down a hole and she couldn’t get it. Wyla leapt to adventure, and Kell and Cas followed along, while Elsa, Raelynn, and I stayed at camp. Raelynn accidently made a big flash of light, which he says is no big deal, but Elsa was pretty concerned.

Apparently, the cat had fallen down the giant mole hole, and was being hunted by a Desh, which wanted to eat it. Kell attempted to calm the kid while Wyla and Cas took down the Desh. Wyla says she slayed it with a single swing of her shining sword (which I find unlikely given the quantity of alliteration, and the fact that Wyla does not – to my knowledge – own a sword). Cas says she snuck up behind it and stabbed it in the eye. Either way, it got a bite out of Kell before they took it down, and Cas and Wyla are super excited about its hide/pelt, which they’re planning on making into armour.

While Cas was checking out the Desh carcass to assess its hide, she apparently made a new friend.


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