Wyla Willender

Clever Glaive who fights with panache


Jewelled spear-staff carrier. Adventurer. Witty. Dastardly. Well-dressed.

All she wants is to find someone daring and magnificent enough to swear fealty to. And to avoid her mother’s goons, of course – those clowns are everywhere.


Her Family:
Anona Hoover (nee Willender) – her sister.
Shuda Hoover – her brother-in-law.
Oakwin Willender – her brother. Eternal youngest child, working as a carpenter in a middle-of-nowhere town. Hopefully destined to have a normal life (knock on wood).
Wallen Willender – Her father (deceased). Raised three kids pretty much on his own, and didn’t get much respect for it. Died of an illness when Wyla was about sixteen, prompting her to run off in search of her own life.

Her Old Flames:
Curter Farce
Quintessa Cartwright – a fiery nano who pursued Wyla relentlessly. By chance, they ended up travelling together when Wyla was younger and a little more naïve. Things were going quite well between them until Quintessa up and left one day.
Crovis Crumpchamps – the town crier for a bustling city called Secorrin. Wyla met him while on a mission there, and subtlety was very important. She had a fling with him because it seemed like the carefree thing to do. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very quiet about it, being the town crier. He went missing, and Wyla skipped town. She wasn’t responsible, but she figured the problem had taken care of itself.
Tia Casa – They met at a refugee camp. She was full of excitement, but all too soon, Wyla had to move on. They parted on good terms.
Sullivan Sanderton – Fate, chance, and adventure brought these two together. Sully’s gorgeous arms helped as well.

Wyla Willender

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