Names: Origins and Pronunciations

Anrei (AN-ray) – From 6th world myths. Kael’s boatswain.
Brad (Brad) – Origin unknown
Elsa Callini (ELL-sah Cah-LEEN-ee) – Origin unknown
Itanyai (Ih-TAWN-yay) –
Kael (Kale) – From 6th world myths. Epic hero who sailed into the stars with Anrei
Kellifer Blackwell (KELL-ih-fur BLACK-well)
Sheryl – Origin unknown
Railyn (RAY-lin)
Renwick (REN-wick)
Rhea (RAY-ah)
Torinin (TOR-in-in)
Wyla Willender (WHY-la WILL-en-der)

Character types

Glaive –
Jack -
Nano -

Common terms

Qidor Kai (KEE-dor KAHY)


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