Cryo Pods

The Kaelius was a colony ship sent out by the seventh world. Our mission was to spread humans into the stars as insurance against disaster on earth. We were especially worried about very bad storms and bad weather that could hurt our crops.

A lot of organisations worked together to make the Kaelius the best it could be, and we gathered a crew of topmost experts on everything we would need to make a start in a new world. Apparently there was a big media campaign about it, but I didn’t pay much attention to that stuff. I was busy building the ship! Well, designing mostly. I built a few things (mostly robots to help set up the plant to manufacture farming equipment), but there was so much to design. And the actual building had way too much double checking – it wasn’t as though we could get replacements if we brought something that didn’t work right. Design was more fun.

The voyage went well, until the Kaelius was hit by an energy projection that destroyed much of the ship. Anrei decided to turn us around, and moved the frozen, sleeping crewmembers into the well shielded (and therefore less damaged) core of the ship, jettisoning the rest of the ship.

After many years, the core of the Kaelius crash-landed in the Steadfast, where it was discovered by you guys! You revived Rhea, and worked with her to revive Torinin and me!

It’s a bit of a misnomer to talk about the crashed ship-piece as the Kaelius – most of the (by mass or volume) Kaelius is drifting in space. However, Rhea says that the real Kaelius is her crew and her mission, which is a bit silly because a mission can’t be a ship, but I think it’s a metaphor, and the point is that it’s more useful to refer to the ship piece as the Kaelius, since it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will have anything to do with the parts of the Kaelius that we left behind.


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