The region of earth where the Kaelius landed is the eastern part of the Steadfast. These 9 states or countries have been allied with one another in relative peace and stability for just over a thousand years.

Provinces of the Steadfast


Kidibi (Not a geographic area, but an important cultural group)

A Brief Guide to Geography

Thaemor is where the Kaelius landed. Rhea and Torinin are there.

Shalamas is where we are right now. There are a lot of Oasis settlements here, each organized in a circle around a tall, looming Obelisk.

If you follow the Shurekat road to the Aeolis river, you will be in the mines of Sheshar. Depending on who you ask, Sheshar and Shalamas aren’t really distinct states, but more accurately the single region of Shelashar which Dalathia decided to split up for purposes of their bookkeeping and taxation. It’s a sensitive topic, so be careful around this one!

Pyth and Thaemor also used to be one state – Pythaemor, and there are some who still call for reunification. However, unlike Sheshar and Shalamas, Pyth and Thaemor did not split so magnanimously. Around 200 years ago, a civil war split the region into two over disagreements about politics with Dalathia.

East of Thaemor is Dalathia, the self-proclaimed “center” of the Steadfast.

East of Dalathia is Neviri, the oldest kingdom in the Steadfast.

To the North is Beoth. They keep to themselves mostly, and are superstitious of Numenara.

To the South are Tarrow. They joined recently. I don’t know much about them yet. I think they might be related to the Alliance of Onan?

Everything outside of the Steadfast is called the Beyond. According to Cass, it’s even more wild and dangerous out there.


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