University of Doors

A mysterious institution. Possibly connected with Wyla and/or Brad and Sheryl?

Rumors (mostly from Grunr):
the university has existed since before the fall of the eighth world
the university holds secret knowledge
the university only accepts the most powerful of nanos
the university is everywhere and no where
the university is a scam, set up by a nano guild to trap and kill potential competitors
the university is a conspiracy by the Neviri council to recruit spies
the university holds the greatest library in the world
the university knows all the secrets of the beyond
the university’s tests must be completed by individuals, and will reject attempts by more than one person
the university keeps tabs on potential applicants to ensure they don’t cheat
the university is a research facility to design and train super soldiers
the university secretly controls all Steadfast politics

(1 through 4 are heresay from Grunr)
1st test: a bookend. discover the secret that the university exists
2nd test: find and activate a Door
3rd test: logic, geometry, runes. get the splitter
4rth test: no one remembers.
5th test: the riddle room (used the splitter, gained the stone, hourglass, and klien bottle)
6th test: secrets / tuition
[Itanyai plans to never speaking of this again, and she certainly isn’t going to write it down, so I’ll have to do it.]

[Kell: “I heard Tarn was dying and I didn’t go back.”
Cas: “Did I love the freedom of trading, or did I just not love my family enough?”
Elsa: “Some days I think that I haven’t really found my true purpose, and that I’m just deluding myself.”
Itanyai: “Something happened on the ship that they’re not telling me. I can’t not trust Rhea, but … can I trust Rhea?”
Railyn: “I was never really asleep.”
Cas 1/2: “The stores weren’t empty when I entered.”

“My name is not Tserina Lashenelda. I was born a noone from Neviri. I found[/took/was given] my name when I found[/took/was given] my calling. "
“All of they thing that the Warges had doed it. It ne waes them. In the dried up well outside of Glavis, ic hided her bodig, and no one yet has found her.”
“The king of Thaemor died three years years ago. We write his speeches in an ancient alphabet, and some spirit reads them in his voice every year.”
“The man I have been having an affair with for the past 4 years is finally getting a divorce. [Not strictly a divorce, obviously. It would be ] But now I don’t want him anymore.”
“Myne faeder and modyr ic tolde that for work ic would wend. ic ne doed tell them that ic was bearneacen with childe. In those plaines of sileve ic gave him birthe, and there in the widgilness of those stille fields, ic leved myne bearn.”
“I was not born in the Beyond. I have never been outside of Shelashar. I made my fortune selling cyphers to the Crow People.”
“It was not until I was in my thirties that I realised pickes came from cucumbers.”
“I was molested as a child and never told anyone. As an adult I tracked him down, killed him, and never told anyone.”
“I was the one who allowed her into Capital. I cannot tell anyone because I still do not regret it.”]

7th test: nightmare room
8th test: ??? seriously though where even are we

9th test: possibly another bookend?

University of Doors

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